UFG (United Forestry Group) can make forests more sustainable, by cutting to meet firm orders over a period rather than necessarily clear harvesting an entire forest at once, just to achieve volume.


UFG New Zealand Forest

Consolidating the output of a number of forests in an area enables them all to be managed in a more sustainable manner, over a longer period of time, because of the greatly increased wood volumes available. By contrast, most small forests will be harvested in one single operation, if marketed on their own. Taking a more sustainable approach may enable timber to be extracted at varying ages, to suit local processors. It will be possible to enter into longer term contracts with local processors and also with logging contractors engaged in harvesting and transport, and with overseas log buyers. Handling the output of a number of forests consolidated in this way will also be better for local communities, with more stable employment, reduced peak truck movements on roads in the area and a co-ordinated approach to replanting.