Forestry Logistics

The NZ Wall Of Wood means smaller private forest owners will compete with larger forest owners across the total supply chain. 

Logistic Solutions | Overview

New Zealand has about 14,000 small forests – each between 5 to 1000 hectares.

While each one is relatively small, collectively they’re big. In fact, they’ll account for about 40% of the timber New Zealand will produce in the next decade.

What if the owners of those forests banded together to negotiate the best prices for their timber, and for the costs associated with getting that timber to market?

The impact would be dramatic. And we’ve created the means to do it.

UFG Forestry Logistics

Welcome to UFG (United Forestry Group). Your key to maximising your forestry investment.

United Forestry Group’s backing from joint venture Superpen gives it access to the shipping and logistics services it needs to coordinate with harvesting activities on a planned basis.

Consolidation is the circuit breaker small forest owners need to become competitive with their bigger competitors. By working with UFG (United Forestry Group), a number of small forests in a particular area can be managed as a single larger forest.

Turning small New Zealand forests into larger forests by consolidation will also enable the resource to be managed more sustainably, with trees felled anywhere between the ages of 22 and 34 years old, enabling longer term  contracts for harvesting and transport, more secure supplies of wood for local processors under stable contracts, better environmental outcomes and better export outcomes.