We Buy Forests

If your forest is nearing maturity we will buy or invest in your forest crop.

Forest Acquisition | Overview

United Forestry Group (UFG) offers the owners of small forests the opportunity to join with the company to drive down harvesting and transport costs, have the output from their forests managed on a sustainable basis, benefit from shipping controlled by the company and obtain the best possible prices. Our priority is forests at least 20 years old.

We Buy Forests

United Forestry Group (UFG) specializes in investing or purchasing existing private forests greater than 40 Hectares:

Benefits and Advantages

A key strategy for UFG (United Forestry Group) will be to consolidate the output of a number of small forests in a particular area whenever this is possible and gain advantages of scale, both in the ability to offer larger volumes of timber to buyers over a longer period, and also to negotiate harvesting and transport contracts, port and shipping services on favourable terms.

If you own a small forest anywhere in New Zealand, you may have heard about the “Wall of Wood” that’s coming our way.

Put simply, a massive volume of trees are reaching maturity in the next five to ten years. That volume threatens to drive down the prices you receive for your harvested timber.

Large forestry companies have one advantage that you don’t – economies of scale. Their size allows them to keep costs down and profits up.