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A strong  new company, United Forestry Group Ltd (UFG), has been formed in New Zealand to help the owners of some 14,000 small plantation forests, totalling more than half a million hectares, with the challenge of marketing a  “wall of wood” coming to maturity  over the next two decades.

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What We Do

We invest in New Zealand private forests nearing maturity to provide owners / investors with best management solutions.

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We Buy Forests

UFG | United Forestry Group

If your forest is nearing maturity we will buy or invest in your forest crop.


Forestry Logistics

UFG | United Forestry Group

The "New Zealand Wall Of Wood" means smaller private forest owners will compete with larger forest owners across the total supply chain.



UFG | United Forestry Group

Logs are a commodity operating in a global market arena, UFG delivers marketing strategies that will minimize market risk.

Company Overview

UFG | United Forestry Group

United Forestry Group shareholders bring local forestry management expertise and contacts together with considerable financial resources, long established contacts in the Asian and local markets, and shipping and supply chain expertise.

A cornerstone investor in the new company is a joint venture company called Superpen. Partners in the joint venture are international timber marketer Pentarch of Australia, and Xiangyu Group, a respected Chinese conglomerate with sophisticated logistics and shipping operations.

Pentarch was established in Melbourne 20 years ago and has operated in New Zealand since 2002. It is a leading exporter of radiata pine and other timbers to China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Malaysia and United Arab Emirates.

Xiangyu Group, based in Xiamen, is a major enterprise with a division in supply chain management, shipping and transport, which will be the active participant in the joint venture. The Superpen joint venture between Pentarch and Xiangyu Group will deliver expertise, contacts with timber buyers, shipping services and financial strength to United Forestry Group.

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